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09 September 2007 @ 10:15 pm
I'm having friend angst right now.

The kind where I really miss my friends from home, and the kind where I feel like my friends here at school aren't as close to me as they once were.

Like, last semester was perfect. Liz and I were as close as two newish friends could be. We visited eachother's respective homes, had many adventures, many laughs. We're alike in a lot of ways, and not so much in others, but that's what made our friendship interesting. It felt like the kind of comfortable, happy friendship that would last far beyond the reaches of our college grounds and years. Our duo grew into a small group when we started inviting others to our monthly Sushi Nights, and then into a bigger group when respective friends introduced us to others, and so on. It was fun, and it's always lovely to have many friends... but I miss that close companionship we shared at the beginning. Now, Liz has discovered another "best friend", and while I can't blame her, it saddens me. I feel like I'm losing her, and I'm not sure whether to fight for it, or just let it happen. And if I were to fight, how would I do so without alienating Liz, or making her feel obligated?

I miss Jack and Mandy and Chelsea. With them, I never feel as if there's a question hovering over our friendships. But we're all at our respective schools, and apart far more often than we are together. I wish I could find that same feeling in someone here at Redlands, and I know it takes time to build up relationships like that, but I just wish...

That and I have a nasty cold and I've been stuck to my bed all weekend. Except for the uber-long first read-through of Muse of Fire (which is AMAZING btw), and a few staggered meals.

I better pep up; I've a long week ahead of me!
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05 September 2007 @ 02:43 pm
Being back at Redlands feels so natural and welcoming... and oh yeah,


The first two days back were well into the 100's, and very nearly pushing 110 at times. And as I live in a room without air, It's been practically torture. I camped out with my mom last night, who has a hotel room down the street.

At the present time, it's 88.6 degrees in my dorm room, which feels like an ice chamber in comparison to earlier days.

But besides the obscene weather, it's been just lovely being back. I have a great roommate who shares my compassion for eclecticism and color and general artsiness. Our room is sweet.

I've got kind of a full plate this semester. On top of 17 units of classes, I've been casted in our fall mainstage production (a weird, but engaging Shakespearean mishmash called 'Muse of Fire'), and I've been asked to design the set for the secondstage show, which is my first major role as a head designer. On top of those two huge commitments, I'm pulling the Musical Theatre Club back up from the ashes and shooting it with some adrenaline, and acting as Activities Chair in SPURS - the sophomore women community service club. I also have the very important goal of obtaining a boy this semester.

If I die of overcommitting myself... poke me, please.
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02 September 2007 @ 12:56 am
Just returned from an evening of lovely whimsicalness in the form of Peter Pan. What a special performance... I just feel happy and young and glad to be alive.

I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!

My car is packed. My ipod is full of Doctor Who radio dramas. I enjoyed one last soak (complete with fizzy bath bomb goodness) in a real bathtub. I've shared somewhat teary goodbyes with all my closest friends and partook in the last of our summer adventures.

And within just a few hours - including one last short night's sleep in my red quilt-covered bed - I'll be on the road. Back to school. Back to constant excitement and schoolwork and structured creativity. Back to life.

Summer feels like a single sunflower in the midst of a vegetable patch. Fleeting... but special, and colorful, and happy.

But I'm not complaining about the vegetables. They're said to be good for me :) And often, they're pretty too.

It might be miles beyond the moon,
Or right there where you stand.
Just keep an open mind,
And then suddenly you'll find
Never Never Land.

You'll have a treasure if you stay there,
More precious far than gold.
For once you have found your way there,
You can never, never grow old.

And that's my home where dreams are born,
And time is never planned.
Just think of lovely things.
And your heart will fly on wings,
Forever in Never Never Land.
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28 August 2007 @ 03:55 pm
Just some fun little icons :) Enjoy!


27 August 2007 @ 11:30 am
So I'm looking for a good audiobook for my road trip back to school. The Golden Compass kept me company on the way home at the beginning of summer, but as I've read it a half a million times anyway, it wasn't exactly new material. (Hah hah get it? Material? As in... yeah nevermind.)

I'd love any recommendations? Or does anyone have a fantastic audiobook that they'd like to lend me? *bats eyes*

I'm not looking for anything in particular, just an engaging story that translates well to audio. I love full cast - but it doesn't really matter.



Just got tickets for my mom and I to Peter Pan for the night before I leave. I'm so excited! I know a few of the cast members and the company is amazing. Ah I love regional theatre!

Peter pan

24 August 2007 @ 04:12 pm
For madjh and inthefuturepast. Presents!!

Rayne fanart based on this fic.

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24 August 2007 @ 02:06 am
*pops in*

I saw Superbad tonight! It was highly amusing, but at the same time..... I really didn't need to see that many action figure!peni if you know what I mean. But I laughed and laughing is good.

If someone were to ask me what I've done with my life this week, I'd probably philander about for some words, mumble some nonsense, and then go silent. I have done absolutely nothing productive! With rehearsals and work over and gone, 6 hours of my average day are left unoccupied. Not to mention, several of my close friends have already left to go back to school, including Mandy. And when Mandy goes, so does a lot of my social life. See, Mandy's the one that plans things. When someone asks me to plan something, my mind goes blank. Movie, maybe? Oh or dinner! Or lunch! Yes, it usually involves eating. And nothing's wrong with eating, of course, because food is amazing - but it's not very creative. Mandy would say: "Let's make bagels at my house tonight!" (well technically yes, that's food too but shh) or "lets go to that concert in the park and dance around wildly!" or "let's dress in cheesy 80's sweaters and go to Berkeley". You get the idea. And she always manages to get groups together. I'm completely horrid at that. Stick a phone in my hand and I'll forget who I'm supposed to call in the first place.  Actually, stick a phone in my hand and I'll probably destroy it somehow.

See, in the past year I've already managed to go through 3 phones. Last summer, I dropped it in the toilet. Then in the fall, I lost it in Times Square. This past Spring, I managed to send it on a cycle it with my Jeans in the dorm washer. I did save that one, though! The ^ button refuses to work, but otherwise it's in great (okay, decent) shape. I've managed to hold on to this one all summer somehow.

Anyhoo.... Parry Hotter and the Goblet of Fur was successful! The kids were adorable.

I did finish Jericho this week! So good.

And the news that Kristen Bell is the newest hero on Heroes makes my life.


I had a dream that Evil!Villian was creating zombieish things out of random people on my campus. This unknown EV would freeze them into having one single emotion and they'd walk around bestowing the same symptoms on everyone they touched. Picture a girl in blonde pigtails frozen into looking obscenely happy and oogly-eyed coming towards you with outstretched arms. Scary. I (a VMars/Buffy/Harry Potter/Rose Tyler mixture) had to go undercover to find out exactly what and who was behind this. So I pretended I was a Zombiething too (one of the obscenely happy ones) and eventually discovered that Evil!Villian was freezing the victims into his idea of what the 4 Hogwarts Houses would be if they were emotions. Um yeah, it made sense then.

Looking back, it feels very Doctor Who!Hogwarts. Or maybe that new Nicole Kidman sci-fi movie that I saw a preview for a while back.

Anyway it was weird but got me thinking. What if I perfected this idea and turned it into a plot device for my new post-DH fanfic?

Mmm... any ideas?
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14 August 2007 @ 06:44 pm
First 3 people to request a banner/icon/blend/anything in my comments gets one.

I'm kinda itchy to get all graphic-y again.

(PS. Not that anyone cares... but I never actually watched Kyle XY last night. I chose to watch the first episode of Jericho instead. With the whole "Nuts" Campaign that ended up saving the show (yeah, see here) I decided that it must be worth watching. AHHH so good! Anyone seen it?)
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13 August 2007 @ 08:33 pm
Oh yes! Go look at It's all shiney and new with the MuggleNet designs finally up in my portfolio.
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13 August 2007 @ 07:48 pm
I got a hold of the first two episodes of next season's Dexter and they're so brilliant. Why is Michael C. Hall so amazing? It's just one of those shows where everything about it seems so REAL. *sigh of happiness*
In complete contrast, the new episode of Kyle XY is on in... *looks* 10 minutes. I'm not really even sure why I love it so much, but I do. Kyle has absolutely no emotion in his voice at ALL, but hey... nothing wrong with a wooden man... >.>

Also, really looking forward to next year's Reaper. It's like Dead Like Me but with a boy, and not QUITE as clever. I may be able to forgive the CW for getting rid of VMars if they pull Reaper off... and keep it on.

I've decided to write a new chaptered Harry Potter fic. I know, I know, right?

I had about a minute with Anna this morning. It made me uber happy - but so not long enough. Me misses her.

And I'm seriously having HP smut withdrawl. Mar let me relieve a bit of my anxiety with her delicious new one-shot... but what about the art!? Boooo.


Theatre Camp is fun. I finished blocking the Yule/I'll Ball scene for the Teens today. Huzzah! And we're having Moaning Myrtle, Drac(a), Cha-Ching, and Tiffany (a cheerleader from Beauxbatons and Parry's date to the Ball) sing "Forget About the Boy" from Thoroughly Modern Millie. It's kind of amazing. During the song, Parry and Ron are trying to get up the nerve to ask the girls to the Ball after they [the girls] have just been shunned by Victor Krumcake (you know, with him asking Hermioneunie and everything). Except then Cedric Diggadoo comes in and asks Cha before Harry can get the chance. Then Harry asks Tiffany, and then Ron has to "Eenie Meeny Miney Moe" between Draca and Myrtle. He chooses Draca, shrugs and pulls her off.... and Myrtle is left all alone at the end. It's great.

Kyle XY time!
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